Who We Are

Cornerstone Foundation is an energetic faith-based charity that supports youth, at-risk youth and incarcerated youth in becoming responsible and productive members of society in partnership with family, school and the community.

Our programs are highly rooted in mentoring. Research has shown that youth with at least one high quality supportive relationship with an adult are twice as likely as other youth to be economically self-sufficient, have healthy family and social relationships and be productively involved in their communities (Jones-Brown & Henriques). The Foundation’s mentoring programs serve both high school students and incarcerated youth.

We not only offer opportunities for the improvement in the quality of life for at-risk youth and their families in Bermuda but also support specific overseas program. Cornerstone Foundation has key in-country relationships with Cambodia, Kenya, Zambia, Belize and Haiti. The success of Cornerstone Foundation programs is driven by exceptionally caring volunteers and the tremendous financial support of the community.

Cornerstone Foundation is registered as a charity both locally with the Bermuda Registry General (Registered Charity Number 737) and internationally with the International Charitable Fund of Bermuda (United States Internal Revenue Tax Number 51-0364510).