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Poverty is complex and it plagues almost every country in the world. For families struggling to climb out of poverty it can be overwhelmingly discouraging and often paralyzing – having a direct impact on the children in these families. Bermuda is no exception. So what is our moral, spiritual, biblical or ‘I want to make a difference’ response to poverty in Bermuda? Cornerstone Foundation often provided handouts and food vouchers to struggling families but soon realized that this was creating a dependency and an entitlement mentality. The Foundation came to question how to invest in people’s lives so they can use their God given gifts and talents to support themselves and contribute to society.

The result has been a “hand up” rather than a “hand out”. Since 2012 Cornerstone Foundation has set up a pop-up Christmas Store servicing over 200 invited families who come and stretch their resources by purchasing quality gifts and bulk food items for 10 % or 20% of the retail value. The Foundation has found that these men and women have been extremely thankful and appreciative of the opportunity to buy groceries and presents.  Children in the families observe Mom and Dad as providers. Families leave feeling hopeful and encouraged.

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